Comedy Editor Felix Piñeiro Cuts Indie TV Show “Written Off”

MAY 31

Quriosity’s talented multi-lingual editor Felix Piñeiro has been busy! He recently finished cutting the indie webseries WRITTEN OFF, a Chicago-based comedy starring Antoine McKay (Empire, Prison Break) and Ira Amyx (Shameless). Directed and Produced by powerhouse Margie Shabazz of Bluelight Productions, Written Off is about two local journalist suddenly forced to find work elsewhere. Their journey of twists and turns is sure to keep you laughing!

Written Off is the type of project a filmmaker with my sensibilities can only dream of,” says Piñeiro of the project. “It’s a marriage of beautifully composed cinematography and craft blended with next level comedic talent. All of that makes cutting a show like this quite simple and difficult at the same time. Which means to say, that while there is a great deal of excellent footage to choose from, one ultimately has to confine Margie and Antoine’s vision into a 30 minute space.”

Piñeiro spent several weeks in the editing room, collaborating with McKay and Shabazz as well as others. “I feel we established a hive mind connection in the editing room. I remember Antoine reaching out to say, ‘You get it, don’t you? It’s like you’re reading my mind’. I will say that does not necessarily happen with all collaborators, so it was a privilege of a lifetime to meet everyone involved with this project and make our collective vision a work that now everyone can enjoy.”



Produced and Directed by Margie Shabazz and Bluelight Productions


Written by Antoine McKay, Nora Nolan, and Margie ShabazzPost Production by Quriosity Post

Editorial by Felix PiñeiroAdditional Conspirators Include: Alex BonnerHerman AsphMatthew HughesSarah Blue Winslow GerberMargie Shabazz,  Qadree Holmes, Jennifer LumpkinJacqui JJ IngramPatrick RichterSeth ElliottTim Calistro, Jason Gerber, Olga LaTorre, Tyler McDaniel, Gabrielle Shabazz, James Shabazz and Jacqueline Gonzalez.