David Gil directs live performance of Trey Songz


Quriosity director, David Gil, recently shot a live performance of Trey Songz for a live-streamed YouTube event meant to raise awareness for the Equal Justice Initiative.

When I walked into that rehearsal space and met with Trey Songz for the first time, the room was just energized.  The choir, who were flown in from Georgia that very morning, was warming up.  People were laughing and carrying on. It felt like I had just walked into a family reunion.  I immediately was ushered in to meet with Trey himself.  We immediately hit it on.

I’m not a doctor, I can’t heal. Although I do vote, I’m not a politician nor am I a lawmaker. In this time of turmoil, there is only so much that I have the talents to do for the greater good. 

“What I can do,” I told Trey, “is I can point cameras at sh*t.” 

He looked at me, laughed, and said, “that is what we all need right now.”   

We need to show the world who we are, and how we feel.  I’m so proud to lend my talents to the greater good.  It was an honor to be able to conduct this orchestra of poetry, music, singing, and visual beauty so that Trey and his team can spread his message.  

Coming back to a new world of production at this time of Covid was not easy.  The crew and the entire team came together following all the proper precautions and we all worked hard to get this amazing piece in the can. It is these difficult times that as artists and technicians, we have to come together and use our talents for the greater good. 

I truly know that this song will take its place within the fight for justice and reform. And to have been even a part of it was such a great honor.  I am very thankful for the opportunity and trust in my work that Trey and his team gave me.

David Gil

Watch the performance below.