Qadree Holmes Speaks At The Mill Chicago’s Diversity Inclusion Week

OCT 13

This year The Mill hosted a Diversity and Inclusion week  hoping to ignite discussions, challenge thought processes and open up new ways of working, recruiting, creating all the while inspiring our teams and the community. They invited Quriosity EP, Qadree Holmes delivered a powerful speech on diversity in the workplace, and the nature of the creative economy.

Holmes spoke on how minority-owned businesses occupy the marketplace.  There are now 8 million minority-owned firms in the United States, that is a 38% rise over the last ten years. He noted that they still make-up a small percentage of the 58 million small businesses in the United States.

Holmes having already gone through the hurdles of being a minority and creating a company, also talked about the importance of diversity in his own office and on his production sets.

Holmes  believes in telling real stories that tackle pressing topics. The Get Covered Illinois Ad brought a serious issue to light. The LBGT community faces a lot of struggles and this ad; brought a solution to the Healthcare issues they face everyday. This is just one of many examples of how Quriosity uses different perspectives to tell unique stories.