Quriosity Creates 360 Video Experience For LG with Director/DP David Gil and Editor Curtis Schmidt


Quriosity is thrilled to be working on the forefront of 360 video technology with LG, Sony, and Crackle! Recently, Quriosity Productions’ Director/DP David Gil shot a video for Sony’s web-content channel, Crackle, advertising the LG G5 smartphone being used on the set of ‘StartUp’. ‘StartUp’ is a new show from Crackle starring Adam Brody (The O.C.), Wayne Knight (Jurassic Park, Seinfeld), and Martin Freeman (The Hobbit, Sherlock). The show is about a group of entrepreneurs living in Miami and working on a startup company.

David Gil was brought on to shoot a commercial for the LG G5, showcasing its wide-angle lens, interchangeable batteries, and 360-Video Potential. The spot was shot in Puerto Rico, and David used the LG G5 to exhibit how he uses the phone to help him on set.

In the post-production process for working with the 360 Video, Quriosity had to bring in the “equirectangular images” (or, in simpler terms, flattened 360 Video) into our software. To work with the 360 files, Quriosity used Dashwood’s 360VR Toolbox for Final Cut Pro X, after which Quriosity Post Editor, Curtis Schmidt and the post team could then edit, color correct, and add graphics. Afterwards, Schmidt then exported with a MetaData, which allows the 360-Video to be played on all Social Media Platforms.