Quriosity Director David Gil captures BTS magic for Activision


Call of Duty: WW11 is a video game that stretches across countries, era’s and history. David Maurice Gil was able to capture the heart, soul and scope that went into the game with his behind the scenes trailer. David was chosen by the Aspect Agency to highlight the historically authentic detail that went into the game.

Working with Aspect Agency Producer David Wilson and Hammer Productions allowed David Gil the chance to create a visceral behind the scenes trailer that carried the weight of history and got the viewer excited for the release of the game.

“Seeing the amount of time, care, and craft that went into the game. Had David and us all inspired to showcase as we could in the trailer” said Production Coordinator Patrick Richter.

 To relive a part of you history you can pick up a copy of Call of Duty: WWII where ever games are sold.