Quriosity Director Kenneth Yoder helps McDonald’s MicroMac take the internet by storm

MAY 23

It all started with a few words from McDonald’s Chef Mike, “A burger for when you are a teeny tiny bit hungry.” The April Fool’s video hit the internet by storm on April 1st, 2017 via the McDonald’s Twitter account. Almost immediately people were sharing the video with the hopes the burger was real. For now, the Micro Mac is just an elaborate hoax that left everyone hungry for more.

“You could feel it. When we were approached by (agency) We Are Unlimited to be a part of the production I knew it was going to be a success,” said Qadree Holmes Quriosity Founder & Executive Producer.

With only a week before the video was set to debut the Quriosity team pulled together the perfect team to make the campaign a success. Director Kenneth Yoder stood at the helm to bring his creative flair and nail the comedic aspects of the video. Tasked with creating the miniature version of the iconic burger, and the small kitchen it would inhabit, was Art Director Ira Amyx. Together they planned out every small detail from the sesame seeds on the bun to the canisters on the kitchen countertop.

The production team worked non-stop to secure the perfect location for filming. On the day of filming, when all the lights were up in the air & Chef Mike was at the counter it was clear they had found the perfect location.

“Everyone came in and gave it 110%. When the first small beef patty started to sizzle on the miniature stove…Kenneth couldn’t stop smiling,”

said Yajaira, Quriosity’s in-house Production Coordinator. “It was just so exciting.”

Quriosity’s own Felix Pineiro was the editor chosen to bring the video to life.

“It wasn’t nerve wrecking, per say, but it was definitely intense given the time frame. What eased any of my anxieties was the team involved. The folks at We Are Unlimited were super chill and very much on the same wavelength as director Kenneth Yoder and I, so it always felt like home… Even that part where you end up passing out on the couch because you have to meet the April Fool’s Day deadline,” said Felix about the experience. The video was delivered on March 31st, with it scheduled to debut the morning of April 1st.

April Fools spots put together by large brands are nothing new, but what was different with this one is that it fit so well with what the McDonald’s brand was already offering to consumers. In January of 2017 they rolled out the Mac Jr and the Grand Mac, so the MicroMac did not feel like something out of the realm of possibility.

The announcement of the MicroMac was featured on Adweek’s “Roundup of All the Best Brand Hoaxes.” It was also retweeted all over the Twitterverse. It was met with some resistance, but most of the conversation was about everyone’s disappointment with the fact it was a hoax. One especially witty Twitter user retweeted and commented, “Finally, a McDonald’s sandwich that even my cardiologist would approve of.”


Digital Engagement Maner – Emily Charron
Social Engagement Supervisor – Faizon Tahir

We Are Unlimited
Senior Producer – Margie Shabazz
Account Executive – Katelyn Ledford
Account Supervisor – Nora FioRito
Creative Director – Vic Sanchez
Art Director – Paddy OConnell
Art Director – Kurt Monette
Copywriter – Sarah Uchison

Production Company
Quriosity Productions
Director – Kenneth Yoder
Executive Producer – Qadree Holmes
Senior Producer- Jenny Lumpkin
Line Producer- Teo Dobravolskis
Production Coordinator – Yajaira Marie
Director of Photography – Chris Rejano