Quriosity Director KENNETH YODER is #ALLIN for a New Fitness Webseries


Comedy director Kenneth Yoder has taken his fitness webseries idea to a whole new level.

Last year, Kenneth himself underwent a massive physical transformation with #100daysofkenneth, a personal documentary in which Kenneth went from flabby to fit in a mere three months with the help of fitness personality Dusten Nelson. Filled with moments of struggle and triumph with, of course, a healthy dose of humor, Kenneth completed his training by entering himself in the World Beauty Fitness Fashion competition, where he rocked the competition with a lightning-bolt emblazoned speedo.

Now, Kenneth and Dusten have decided to spread the word with ALL IN, a new webseries that chronicles the transformations of seven more people as they undergo a similar journey to Kenneth’s.

ALL IN is meant to be a first hand account of the demanding process of getting into shape,” says Kenneth of the webseries, “Each episode will be five to seven minutes in length with a motivational tone similar to The Biggest Loser but presented in the news magazine style of 60 Minutes. Our intention is to show that big changes are possible with a little guidance and a lot of effort.”

Although still in production, Kenneth notes the changes in the seven people profiled have already been notable. “We are not even halfway through the shooting process yet…[one of our contestants] has already lost 50 pounds….[and another] has lost almost 70.”

We can’t wait to see the end results as Kenneth takes this motivational journey! Stay tuned for updates.