Quriosity Productions mentioned in Ad Age!

FEB 19

Work with minority-owned companies to further industry diversity and representation

Allocate a certain percentage of jobs to minority-owned companies. It’s important to disclose that I am the owner and executive producer at Eleanor, a Black- and women-owned production company. There aren’t a lot of minority-owned companies and, if we are to change that and inspire more to be founded, then we need support because representation matters. I would also like to name some other amazing minority-owned companies: Prettybird, Contrast Eye, Invisible Collective and Quriosity Productions.

By Sophie Gold. Published on February 18, 2021.

Thanks so much to AdAge for the feature! Proud to be a step in the right direction in furthering diversity and representation in the industry. Let’s use these tips to create opportunities to ensure that equity and inclusive environments where representation of all demographics are seen. We can’t wait to see how much more inclusive the ad world will get in the coming years! Click here To read the full article !