Quriosity’s founder writes “Black Americans Have Had Enough Marketing Speak From Corporate America”

NOV 20

Quriosity’s own Qadree Holmes published a piece in Muse talking directly to corporate America about talking the talk, but not walking the walk when it comes to diversity. It’s some wise words coming from the man who practices what he preaches. Now it’s time for everyone to take action.

Read a blurb from the piece below and check out the full article here.

Studies show Americans are becoming more blended as the years progress. The internet has opened the world’s eyes to truly explore race and culture in a way not seen before. As marketers, we’re in the business of selling the human experience as a way of selling products. Yet underlying this multibillion-dollar industry is a secret that plagues the majority of businesses in America: The C-suites are simply not engaging Black and brown people, and the vendor selections they make are not engaging Black and brown vendors. Brands and agencies consistently fail not just minority audiences, but minority suppliers too, with little pressure to change.

– Qadree Holmes, Muse