Technology, The Future of Content and more – Another Great Time at Chi VR!

AUG 31

Virtual and augmented reality are the future of content. From uses in gaming, entertainment content and marketing/advertising it seems there is no end in sight for the constant developments being made in the field. This week at the Chi VR conference, Quriosity got the chance to sit down with some of Chicago’s leading virtual and augmented reality companies to learn more about VR’s applicability in our own productions, as well as to develop a strong understanding of where the technology is heading.

Dome 3D and Relativity VR are a part of the cutting edge community of innovators in VR applications. Their hard work was shown at Chi VR with their reveal of new technology ranging from virtual reality goggles to fully interactive 360 cameras – Both of which immerse content consumers in an entirely unique experience.

Quriosity editor Curtis Schmidt is looking forward to what VR has to offer:

“Virtual Reality is challenging storytellers in new and interesting ways. The mistake comes when it’s thought of as an extension of film. It is an entirely different medium with a whole new set of rules. When people start making experiences with that in mind you will see all of the hype come into fruition.”

We were very excited to see demos and experience this new technology for ourselves, and believe us when we tell you – the future of entertainment and advertising content is very exciting. And we are excited to be a part of this brave new world of media content.

To learn more be sure to check out the next Chi VR meet-up Wednesday, October 26 at 6:00 pm at the Microsoft Technology Center, which will focus on the social impact of VR and augmented reality. Follow updates and future Chi VR events here.

Pictured Left to Right (Qadree Holmes, Curtis Schmidt, Patrick Richter, Jenny Lumpkin)