SCREEN Magazine On New Andrea Mandel Spot

AUG 24

Andrea Mandel, children and lifestyle Director/Photographer reaches for the stars in new “Born Explorers” spot for Darigold.

Screen Magazine, founded in Chicago in 1979, continues to serve as the leading source for film and advertising professionals in its hometown while covering the industry across the country. They picked up word on the new Darigold spot and highlighted it on their site here!

Like much of Mandel’s work, this spot features child talent. When asked her secret to her success in working with kids in commercials Mandel tells SCREEN,

“I love working with kids because I am a kid at heart, I relish the innocence kids express of themselves. Keeping the set quiet and upbeat allowed me as the director capturing these authentic moments and seeing things through their eyes.”

While directing children comes naturally to Mandel, she didn’t say the entire shoot was a breeze.

“The most challenging aspect of this shoot was transforming our ‘real’ life into our imaginary world made out of paper,” Mandel told SCREEN. “We did hours of pre-production work making sure our paper elements worked with scale, color pallet, and rigging to bring this concept to life. Wanting a magical spot in the end required the right movement and perspective in our paper world.”

Check out the final spot below, seems like the hard work paid off!